The Conscious Creation Path to courage and self awareness. The basis for Carla's 6 month program

6-Month Private Coaching Program

The Conscious Creation Path

You will feel seen, heard and supported, and Carla will guide you down the Conscious Creation Path to re-ignite your spark and create a life that lights you up!

With Carla's Support & Guidance You Will:

- Learn how to calm your nervous system and practice daily self-care so you don't burn out again!

- Uncover your deepest desires so you can live a life that lights you up every day.

- Recognize and understand your "Demented DJ" and the crap that holds you back so you can BUST THROUGH barriers.

- Start taking a careful look at your limiting beliefs so you can clear the way to stop doubting yourself and start SHOWING UP for your life and choosing powerfully and courageously.

- Make a daily commitment to living a life that FEELS good every day (not just one that LOOKS good on social media!)

- Learn how to cultivate meaningful "Marble Jar" friendships so you never feel alone, unseen, misunderstood or lonely again.

- Eliminate the word "Fine" from your vocabulary so you can learn how to ask for and accept support when you need it most.

- Practice daily gratitude and give yourself grace when you need it so you can wake up and start over tomorrow.

- Make daily choices that turn into weekly rituals that turn into monthly goals that turn into a life that lights you up!

THE NUTS AND BOLTS (What's included in this program:

10 Private 90-minute Coaching Calls

2 Bonus Calls (can be used for breakthroughs or for "Emergency 911")

Desire Map Level 1 Guidance — Your Core Desired Feelings

Desire Map Level 2 Guidance — Goals With Soul

The Desire Map Workbook

Bi-weekly accountability exercises

Guided meditations & breathwork

6-Month Private Coaching Program

Step into your power and start creating a life that lights you up!

This is a fully customized program for YOU. You can start any time.

You are ready. It's time to start cultivating courage on the Conscious Creation Path.
Let's go!