Transformational Emotional Success Coaching (EFT)

Coaching With Carla

Are you struggling with something in your life right now? 

Maybe you want to:

  • Get clarity on your purpose — you know there's 'more' you're just not sure what it is (yet).
  • Release some emotional pain that's holding you back.
  • Stop bumping up against the same patterns that are keeping you stuck.
  • Understand some relationship challenges and move through them with ease.
  • Sort out confusing thoughts & emotions that have you feeling anxious and depressed.

Carla can help.

Carla offers online or in person (in Kelowna, BC) Transformational Coaching that will help you release current and past pain, transform your mindset,  recognize your inner critic, and start to release the crap that's keeping you stuck.

You will feel seen, heard and supported, and Carla will guide you down the Conscious Creation Path to re-ignite your spark and create a life that lights you up!

Here are some of the things Carla helps her clients with:

- Learning how to calm your nervous system and practice daily self-care so you don't feel exhausted, burn out, depressed and anxious.

- Uncovering your deepest desires so you can live a life that lights you up every day.

- Recognizing and understanding your "Demented DJ" (inner critic) and the crap that holds you back so you can BUST THROUGH barriers and dance to your true tunes!

- Starting to take a careful look at your limiting beliefs so you can clear the way to stop doubting yourself and start SHOWING UP for your life and choosing powerfully and courageously.

- Making a daily commitment to get clear on core desired feelings so you can live a life that FEELS good every day (not just one that LOOKS good on social media!)

- Learning how to cultivate meaningful, loving, trust-based relationships (with yourself AND others) so you never feel alone, unseen, misunderstood or lonely again.

- Eliminating the word "Fine" from your vocabulary so you can learn how to ask for and accept support when you need it most.

- Practicing daily gratitude and giving yourself grace when you need it so you can wake up and start over tomorrow.

- Making daily choices that turn into weekly rituals that turn into monthly goals that turn into a life that lights you up!

Want to know more or ask a few questions?  Book a complimentary Connection Call with Carla to learn if this kind of coaching could be a fit for you!

3-Session Conscious Creation Coaching Package — $597

Step into your power and start creating a life that lights you up again!

Carla offers 3 x 90 minute sessions to help you break through the block that is currently holding you back.  Each session is customized to an issue at hand and clients always say they leave sessions feeling much lighter than when they came in!

Sessions take place in person in Carla's office (downtown Kelowna, BC), or virtually by ZOOM video call (all you need is stable internet!)

You are ready. It's time to start cultivating courage on the Conscious Creation Path.
Let's go!