The Becoming Sessions

Love Who You Are and Who You're Becoming

You were perfectly created and you are perfectly imperfect. 

With makeup, without makeup.  With fancy hair or just out of the shower.

Smiling, laughing, crying. Posing, acting natural. 

However you feel most comfortable. However you feel most yourself. You are perfectly imperfect.

Over the years through my Boundless Beauty sessions I captured portraits of many incredible women. The one thing that ALWAYS held true was that each woman was boundlessly beautiful in her own way, and each one had a unique and fascinating story — and I LOVED listening to their stories.

I loved listening to the stories even more than I loved capturing the portraits.....creating magic with my camera was a thrilling bonus on top of the connection. And it's part of what inspired me to create Conscious Creation. It's also why I've decided to resurrect this aspect of my photography business and incorporate it into Conscious Creation.

A photograph captures a moment in time. It's a trigger for recalling where we were and how we felt in that moment. It's captures a part of our story. I want you to get in front of the camera and let me capture you as part of your story of loving who you are and who you're becoming. 

Stay tuned to learn more about The Becoming Sessions and promise me you'll cultivate the courage to get in front of my camera. Your story matters. You matter — every perfectly imperfect bit of you.

With love & gratitude,