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Your current situation is not your final destination...

Hi sister! I'm Carla, and I'm so grateful you're here to learn more about becoming the Conscious Creator of a life that lights you up!

You were perfectly created and you are worthy of your desires. You KNOW this, you just don't FEEL it sometimes. And, you most DEFINITELY deserve a life that lights you up!  Maybe lately you've been feeling a little lost and stuck, or frustrated....knowing there's more for you, but not sure how to get there?  

  • Not sure what the next right thing is.
  • A little afraid to speak your fears and doubts out loud to yourself, let alone to your friends or spouse!
  • Not sure of what to do about some relationship or health or career challenges you've been struggling with.
  • Done with people pleasing, putting on masks, pretending everything is ok, or trying to believe you are ‘worth it’ (of COURSE you, just by being here! But your inner critic is loud sometimes, right?)
  • Ready to start making the changes you KNOW you so deeply desire and deserve in your life.

You just need some support to get there — I'm here to help!   I offer workshops, retreats, and group or private coaching to help you down the Conscious Creation Path — become a Conscious Creator of a life that lights you right up!

If you're ready, let's chat. Click the link below to book your complimentary 20 minute connection call now.

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What do you want more of? 

What do you want to stop doing?  

What lights you up?

Join one of Carla's workshops or retreats to uncover your deepest desires, cultivate confidence, clarity and courage for change, and set some goals with soul that will light you up every day!





Is it time to recalibrate your inner compass? Feeling a need to reignite your spark when you're feeling dark? Carla's group and private coaching programs will help you cultivate courage for change when you're ready to take your life to the next level, ignite your flame so you feel lit up & stay grounded when life throws you a curveball. Compassionate, connected, unconditional support. Get it here.